I have been fascinated with miniatures early in my years, but did not truly become intensely involved with them until the 1990's. It then became a form of art for me.

Dollhouse miniatures are not what they use to be anymore. The 1:12 scale use to be a 'play scale'. Not that it still cannot be, but it is more a 'collection' of the past and the present, this is where the word 'collector' falls.

The miniature art form today, incorporates the past and presenttand it is much sort after because of the combination of eras and details made by miniaturist and miniature artisans.

I enjoy looking at a piece or display made by a miniaturist and dare myself to create the same or similar display or piece. There are two artisans in this category at the moment that I find inspiring. Joann Swanson and Jane Freeman. There are many others, believe me, and many of them specialize in one or many areas in miniatures.

In scales, I prefer the 1:12 or 1/4, but you can find many miniaturists that can handle all scales, or have a preference for the 1/2, 1/4, 1:12 or 144. It all depends on the preference, and in some cases, which scale you would like to master or focus on.

Take a look at some of my displays/gallery. Some were simple, others were challenging... but, oh, what FUN it was to create!!!


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