Miniature Related Books and Magazines for Sale 

Dollhouse Style Book

$ 18.00 USD

Dollhouse Style Book by Kath Dalmeny. This book is in excellent condition. Sells for $24.95, asking $18.00.

This book demonstrates designs that can inspire you to start your new project or complete the old one. It covers tools, materials and techniques. Here are some of the designs it features according to its contents: Tudor Banqueting Hall, 17th-Century Lyin-in Room, 18th-Century Merchant's Silver Room... This book is full of detailed photos!!

Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse Book

$ 5.00 USD

This book, by E.J. Tangerman, is loaded with patterns and instructions on building your own dollhouse with one sheet of 4' X 8' plywood and home tools!!

The book is in excellent condition.

Brooke Tucker's Golden Christmas

$ 145.00 USD

The amazing miniature artisan, Brooke Tucker, has rendered a beautiful composition made in 1:12 scale of a Golden Christmas! All of the detailed instructions are more for the intermediate or advanced level miniaturist. This particular book has an additional section with an introduction, which most of the published Golden Christmas books do not have. A collector's book of treasures and keepsake to hand down from generation to generation. Book has minor wear and tear.
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