Glass & Mirror Pyramid

$ 30.00 USD

This pyramid is edged with brass. It has a latch that needs TLC and three glass panes. The bottom is mirrored. It is about 8-10" tall.
Imagine a mini Egyptian scene inside!! Everyone will be able to view it from all sides!!
The item is slightly heavy and delicate.
Egyptian accessories will be featured on this site, so look for it!

Side-by-Side Duplex

$ 22.00 USD

This is the side-by-side duplex featured in the HBS catalog. There is no damage to this item, it is still in the box.

Paid $26.94, selling for $22.00

Cigar Box

$ 18.00 USD

Richly made cigar box. All hardware, latch and label is made of brass. Woodgrain is beautiful. Little wear and tear.

Imagine a mini Cigar Shop inside of this box!! Perhaps a window on one side showing the different types of cigars as well as the tobacco leaf, tools and equipment used to make cigars...!!


These items listed have slight damage or no damage at all!! Keep checking this "bin" for add-ons!!

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