1. Do you ship overseas?

2. What is the minimum order you will accept?

3. What forms of payment do you accept?

4. Is there a refund if I do not like what is in my envelope?

5. How long will I expect the delivery/shipping to be?

6. Is there a limit to ordering the  'Goody Bags' ?

7. What size is the envelope for the 'Goody Bag'?

8. Will you feature more items as you go along?


1. We do not ship overseas. Only within the United States.

2. Our minimum order accepted is $15.00 dollars.

3. We accept cashiers checks, and money orders. We are still working on the Yahoo feature as an alternative for payment.

4. There are no refunds, exchanges or special requests. All sales are final.

5. If payment is made via Money Order or Cashiers check, you should expect your envelope within 3 to 5 business days.

6. There is a five (5) Goody Bag limit. If you wish to order more than the limit, please email us with your request.

7. The bubble wrap envelopes are normally 8.5" X 11"  and  below. The only exception are the larger items.

8. We will add new items to the site and items sold will be listed on the site.

** Send Cashier's check or Money to: Miniatures for the Soul, L. Pena, P. O. Box 901741, Homestead, Fl 33090.

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